The Horizon

3D Design & Development

we can meet you anywhere in your development process to help improve your products while decreasing costs and production time. We work with everything from prototype-ready CAD models to sketches on napkins to help you quickly develop high-quality parts and products.
Our experienced team of engineers will analyze every stage of the development process to ensure that you have the best solution possible to meet the unique needs of your project. Additionally, by designing your product from the ground up, we can help you get the most benefit from our advanced manufacturing services.

Our Product Design Process


To begin our product design process, we study your concept with a particular focus on your goals for the product, your budget and your production schedule. We then conduct in-depth market research and draft 2D concept renderings of your design. This information is used to create detailed 3D models of your product and, when appropriate, a 3D printed conceptual prototype.


Once you approve the concept designs, we’ll select preliminary manufacturing technologies and materials as we develop your proof of concept. Using the principles of design for manufacturing, we’ll work to optimize your product and its manufacturing process to improve efficiency and reduce costs. At this stage, we will begin iterating semi-functional rapid prototypes to test and refine your design.

The Finished Product

For the final stage of development, we’ll prepare fully-functional prototypes and manufacturing-ready 3D models, as well as any custom tooling your production may require. We will also source vendors for any hardware or other off-the-shelf parts. At the end of the product design process, you will have everything you need to move into manufacturing, either with RapidMade or with a third party.